Do You Know These Secret Words at the Sushi Bar?

Inforgraphic composed by Kaz Matsune using illustrations from Japaclip and Pixabay.

Some of the terms are used only by sushi chefs and not appropriate for the customers.

Green Tea at the beginning. Something to welcome the guest.

Soy Sauce, from to its dark color

Wasabi. Because when you eat too much, it will make you cry.

Older fish and fresher fish. Referring to, not person, but ingredients at the sushi bar.

Refers to whole or fillet fish without head.

Normally for a quarter cut of tuna.

Top part of tuna meat, that is close to the bones.

Usually refers to marinated Tuna. When sushi was invented about 250 years ago, Zuke was one of the techniques used to make tuna last longer.

Fish as Mackerel, Sardines and Pike Fish.

It comes from the sound it makes when we eat it: “gari gari.” Pickled ginger

Because the shape or rice resembles Buddha’s skull. It is also said it came from the sound of rice washing, “shari shari.” Sushi Rice.

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay.

Gambling places used to called Tekka. Maki rolls were invented for quick and easy snack for the gamblers. Tuna Roll.

Cucumber Roll. Cucumber’s shape resembling to the head of Kappa. Cucumber is Kappa’s favorite food.

The live fish served at the sushi bar such as shrimp.

Comes from the pronunciation of Kanji “玉”Egg.

Sushi plate. When looked from the side, the wood plate looks like Geta.

Nori seaweed.

Originally Russia word meaning “Fish egg.”

The first owner of Kyubei in Ginza is said to be the inventor.

Green tea at the end of sushi. Came from the board game term meaning finish.

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