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If you eat sushi, then you probably heard of Wasabi.

Yes, that green hot staff you find in your nigiri between fish and sushi rice. Or you will see it on the edge of your sashimi plate. At the sushi bar, Wasabi may be accompanied by gari, pickled ginger at the edge of your sushi plate.

It’s not something you expect to find other than a sushi restaurant, correct?


Well, if you are in the US and many other non-Japanese countries, that is true: it’s likely sushi restaurant be the only place you’ll find Wasabi.

But in Japan, Wasabi…

“Wasabi,” Image by Kaz Matsune

Do you eat Sushi? Then, you probably had Wasabi. Yes, that green hot staff.

Even if you don’t eat Sushi, you probably heard of Wasabi, or seen Wasabi pee snacks and such.

Have you tried it? Do you like it? Do you like it because it clears your sinus(not what it’s intended for)?

If you are in the US and being to a sushi restaurant, you may know that so-called Wasabi isn’t Wasabi at all.

Image by Kaz Matsune

During my online sushi class a few days ago, one participant asked me,

“What do you normally do with the sushi you make?”

“I take home and eat with my wife for dinner,” I said.

“So, your wife knows you too are having sushi for tonight,” the participant said.

“Oh, no, no, no,” I replied, “we are having a pizza tonight. We are tired of sushi!”

Hearing my unexpected response, the participant laughed.

Of course, I was joking but it wasn’t far from the truth.

Sushi for dinner, every day?

We ate sushi every day in December 2020.

Well, almost every day.

I hosted 17…

Image by Kaz Matsune

When I started my sushi class business in 2012, I spent the entire $7,000 business load on equipment — cutting board, knives, aprons, bowls, sheet pans, rice cookers, sushi rice mixing tubs, bamboo rolling mats, towels and containers to carry them all. It filled my 50 sq.ft. storage space in my apartment.

Now, I am spending close to the same amount of money to run my online class business.

So far, I bought extension cables, HDMI cables, Mini HDMI cable, USB-C, USB hub connector, 3-pin to 2-pin microphone jack, USB-A to USB-C, electric extension cables. Lavalier microphone, wireless microphone, more…

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Is cooking rice difficult for you? Or is it as easy as ABC?

Because I grew up eating rice almost every day in Japan, for me, cooking rice was no mystery. Still, I learned lots of techniques after becoming a sushi chef.

Many of our sushi class participants told me cooking rice was a mystery. The word “mystery” puzzled me. I always thought cooking rice was a simple technique, though not an easy task to make great rice. Sometimes, the simplest thing can be the most difficult to master.

I decided to investigate the reason for the “mystery.” I looked…

Image by Kaz Matsune

I heard this story of the Mount Everest guides.

I used to think the guide’s job was to help climbers reach the top. Isn’t that why all the climbers trying to conquer the highest mountain in the world? Isn’t that obvious? The mountain guides are there to help achieve that goal, right?

I was wrong.

The mountain guide’s job is to bring the climbers down to the base camp safely, or, it’s more like to make sure climbers don’t die. Reaching the top is not their priority. …

Image by Kaz Matsune

Pop quiz: you are scheduled to feed 400 people in two hours, and your main course is not done yet.

What are you doing to do?

This is exactly what happened at a catering company I used to work.

This “environmental conference” dinner was one of the most significant events for this boutique catering company in San Francisco. It was also crucial because of the two founders were into organic movements.

I was prepping some vegetables for a salad when one of my coworkers came up to me.

“I think there is something going on here.”

“What do you mean?”…

Image by Kaz Matsune

If you think Toro is the king of sushi net (ingredients), then you are in for a surprise.

There are parts of Tuna that supposedly taste better than Toro. I’ve been a sushi chef in the US (California) for close to twenty years and I only heard of these parts, never tasted. So, my guess is, if you live outside of Japan, you are probably on the same boat: never heard, never seen, never tasted any of these tuna parts.

Why have I never heard of this?

You may be wondering.

The main reason is these parts are rare. You…

You Still Have Time To Do the Same

Image by Kaz Matsune

Despite the fact that my business sales is down 90%, I’ve accomplished so much in 2020.

I know for many of us, it’s been a challenging year. I know that may be an understatement.

I saw and heard many of my fellow food industry entrepreneurs closing their business, letting go of their employees, or struggling to survive. The same can be said with the restaurant and food industry workers, including my staff.

Since the lockdown in the Spring, it has been a roller coaster. Yes, I know you probably have heard something similar before. …

Image by Kaz Matsune

You need to add sushi vinegar to turn rice into sushi rice.

So, what is Sushi Vinger? Is it different from regular vinegar?

Sushi vinegar is Rice vinegar, salt, and sugar.

The current style of Nigiri Sushi was invented in Tokyo some 250 years ago. Back then, red vinegar and salt were used to make sushi vinegar. No sugar was added.

These days, many sushi chefs — especially those at boutique high-end omakase only sushi bars — choose to carry this tradition and avoid sugar.

It is believed adding sugar to the sushi vinegar destroys the delicate balance between fish…

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