How to make Sushi Rice in Hangiri, Source: Kaz Matsune Youtube

After spending the last twenty years being a sushi chef, running my sushi class company, and teaching other sushi chefs, now I can say the following.

Traditional Japanese apprenticeship is based on the idea that once you decide to be an apprentice, you will devote the rest of your life…

Image by Kaz Matsune

Total: 35–40 minutes

Prep: 20 minutes

Baking: 15–20 minutes

Japanese “Teriyaki” dishes are slightly different from what we see at most US restaurants. While Teriyaki Chicken in the US is more like Teriyaki Sauced Chicken, the original dish’s name “Teri” means “Glazed” and “Yaki” means “Grill” or ”Baked.”

There are…

Kaz Matsune

Founder, Author, Speaker at Breakthrough Sushi

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